Ideas and inspirations

In the face of the pandemic, the demand for the home market with a green zone has almost doubled, and most people have one desire - to have their own oasis of rest. After acquiring real estate, proper preparation of the plot soil, implementation of the plot layout, division into garden goods and recreation areas, formation of greenery often become a real challenge. There are also a number of those who strive for minimalism, aesthetic image. Evenly cut and like a loose carpet - lawns, just a few non-stick shrubs, surrounded by a stretch of stone chippings. But everyone strives for the most convenient and simple maintenance of the plot, when there is no need for regular services or consultations of the gardener. The need not to overload space with unnecessary and polluting products with limited functionality.
The products of the new generation Lithuanian manufacturer, the brand GARDMEX, which are made of recycled plastic, offer solutions to problems with their innovative and sustainable products. When you cut a lawn with a trimmer or a lawn mower, you have wondered how to prevent obstructed fruit trees. Surrounding fruit trees with Gardmex trunk guards avoids the damage caused by this problem.
To prevent the grass from overgrowing into the area where it is undesirable (spilled mulch, chippings or chippings), a grass enclosure and a plastic board help to structure and segment the green area. Plastic boards can be used to encircle trees by removing turf in the inner beam, lining them with agro film and filling with the desired material: crushed stone, small stones or mulch. As a result, the seedling does not germinate, you do not need to approach the machine to mow it. Toothed plastic nails hammered on board maintain the desired position on board year after year. Toothed nails ensure that the ground does not rise after the winter. The curbs are also used to reinforce the edges of the paving, and the reinforced edges do not warp and the track delights in the desired shape for many years.
To reach your homestead during the spring or rainy fall often becomes a challenge, soaking wet and dirty shoes is the least of a hassle when you have to seek help to pull out a stuck car. Such situations will be avoided by the GARDMEX track honeycomb, which strengthens the soil and improves the drainage of rainwater into groundwater. Avoid roads with ruts, wet paths to the greenhouse or vegetable bed at the back of the yard. All you need to do is prepare the place where the honeycombs will be laid by digging the top layer of earth at a height of a few centimeters (it is recommended to dig at least 30 cm for the parking lot), compacting the cover, applying an early textile film, applying a layer of fine gravel and connected by connectors).
You can then decide if you want to widen the lawn area, or choose to have a stone chippings track. The first option - pour a layer of black earth on the lined honeycomb, drip water to keep the ground well and no air gaps left, and finally - sow the grass, thus ensuring that when walking, driving a light or heavy machine, this "green" path , you will never stumble, no matter what the weather or the time of year. You will be left to mow the grass with the mower and enjoy the great view and result of your yard. GADMEX products also offer another choice when you want to have a stylish and close to nature pebble path. All you have to do is pour gravel or small pebbles on the path of a honeycomb that has already been laid. Such a trail will delight in its stability as in the first option. Gardmex properly prepared honeycomb, according to research, can withstand up to 160 tons per square meter of this product. The use of honeycomb helps to make friends and curb the power and beauty of nature. Recycled plastic products GARDMEX create beauty with your hands, and cherish your rest, allow you to spend more time enjoying the peace and joy of the spectacle.