Ideas and inspirations

GARDMEX offers a range of innovative and sustainable products made from recycled plastic to address various challenges associated with home landscaping and outdoor living spaces. These products provide solutions for creating and maintaining a beautiful and functional green zone on your property. GARDMEX products and their benefits:

  1. Plastic Borders: These products help structure and segment your green area. You can use plastic borders to encircle trees, preventing grass from growing where it's unwanted. The toothed plastic nails hammered into the boards keep them in place year after year, even after winter.
  2. Tree Trunk Guards: These guards help prevent damage to fruit trees caused by lawn mowers or trimmers. They serve as protective barriers around the base of trees, keeping the area around the tree clear and preventing obstruction when you're mowing or trimming your lawn.
  3. Paving Grid: This product is designed to strengthen the soil and improve drainage, making it ideal for creating walkways and paths. It can help you avoid muddy and rutted paths during rainy seasons, providing a stable and clean surface. Properly prepared paving grid, according to research, can withstand up to 160 tons per square meter. If you prefer a stylish and natural look, you can simply pour gravel or small pebbles onto the honeycomb path. This creates a stable and aesthetically pleasing path that blends well with the surrounding nature.
  4. Floor tiles: It is easy to install, don’t need any special tool, only scissors. These tiles are a practical choice for enhancing outdoor spaces while contributing to a more sustainable future. These tiles are ideal for terrace floor, balconies, greenhouses.

GARDMEX products are not only functional but also environmentally friendly, as they are made from recycled plastic. They offer homeowners a way to create and maintain beautiful, low-maintenance outdoor spaces that are easy to manage without the need for frequent gardening services or consultations. These products contribute to both the convenience and aesthetics of your property, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space while minimizing pollution and the use of unnecessary products.