Why choose us?

Our areas of focus

The company have not only aspirations related to the development of companies for profit purposes. The people brought together by the activities of these two companies have deep traditions, experience and values, the leadership of which pursues the following goals:

1. Transparent business policy and strong relationship of trust with partners

Transparency is an important basis for building healthy relations between the state, business and society. We feel responsible and grateful. As we grow our business, we want to give thanks to the public by setting a positive Western example.

2. People and society

One of our main goal is social responsibility

Our goal is create an attractive and sustainable workplace. Then people become creators as well. Business practice to create future.

3. Environmental protection

Our products are made of recycled plastic. Recycling saves energy it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to tackle climate change.

When the environment is protected it serves to benefit all those who rely on it. It serves in the maintenance of life for the plants, humans and animals.


We are not just creating recycling plastic products, we are creating beauty